Perhaps you might think relating with your event planner as a client is only important in the other way round as in (Event planner having a better relationship with their client) because you hired them they should do what they are hired for. Trust me you got it all wrong.

I know I cannot get into your minds, telling you what you should do or not do but what I can do is give you well established facts on how you can maintain a good relationship with your event planner.

Now am going to give you absolute truths about event planners.

  1. Event planners put in all efforts to make sure everything goes on smoothly on your big day. Right from the day they sign the contract of planning your event till the main day of your event
  2. Event planners are your biggest backbone and supporter
  3. Event planners make provision for all the things needed for the success of your event
  4. Event planners see to it that you (client) is comfortable on your big day.

Yes I know you already know almost the details about your event but trust me there is this refreshing feeling you get when you know there is someone who is always ready to listen to you and tackle your to dos.

However here are my own tips on how you can maintain a good relationship with your event planner.


Let me be real with you some client have that notion that some event planners can be control freaks. Not to worry after you have applied my tips on how to have a good rapport with your event planner, you won’t have to think that way.

It is just cool to tell your event planner what you might be feeling. This is very important so that you and your event planner can always be on the same page. Transparency is about you sharing with your planner relevant, trustworthy and useful information about what you want for your big day. This information actually helps your event planner know exactly what you want. Be open to give your planner all necessary changes you intend to make for your event while you try to work out the whole plan together.

There is also nothing wrong in telling your planner “this is me” “this is who I am” whenever you notice a fault. It is always better to let it out politely than keeping it to yourself.


To have a successful event, you must be a good communicator. Believe me effective communication is key to having a good relationship. Communication is one skill that is not perfected but with constant practices it can be improved. Either you are sending emails, or meeting with your planner face to face, it will still improve your relationship with your planner. When you have a good communication with your event planner, it allows the two of you to be on the same page without any form of disagreement and argument. Being present, visible, engaged in all meetings with your planner is really important for the success of your big day. When you show up for meetings on time it makes the communication process easy.

While you are communicating with your event planner, you must know that it is not just speaking and listening but it is about getting a clear and complete information your planner is passing on to you. This gives you an opportunity to let your planner know your views and thoughts. Trust me professional event planners will only give suggestions not enforcing their opinions on you.

Make sure you insist for more face to face meetings with your event planner. It really helps to solidify good communication.


TRUST: Trust is the basis to which relationship revolve among humans. If you do not trust your event planner you will probably be doing everything and at the same time doing nothing only over working yourself instead of enjoying your big day. Trust me most event planners have extensive networks of vendors which they have worked with for many years and their work they can attest to without a blink of the eye. If you can believe in your event planner, your relationship with your planner will be enjoyable. Be sure that if you do not trust your planner, no matter how good your planner is, you may never be satisfied with the whole planning process and that will affect your relationship with your event planner.

I will end by saying having a good relationship with your event planner allows you enjoy your big day and that beautiful memory will last for a long time.

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Planning an event is not really a walkover thing especially when you have high profile event. Whether it’s a high profile event or a small event, in planning all kinds of event, safety and security measures must be considered. This is an integral aspect in event planning.

Ideally, when planning an event it is essential to plan ahead for the worst in order to avoid it even as you expect to have a successful event. Event safety should require you putting in extra measure not being in a rush to ensure the security and safety of the event.

In this era of attacks, keeping your guest safe from danger should be the number one priority of every event planner. I will also stress that event planners should get the appropriate security measures in place and on time.

Here are five tips on what you can do to ensure the safety of your guest.


While you are considering if the hall can carry the amount of guest you are expecting, it is also important to consider the safety aspect of the venue. Event safety is something that should not be compromised. It is advisable to visit the venues you are considering for your event in person. Visiting the venue in person helps you spot danger zones, check all facility, check if there are enough emergency exit, knowing the venue layout. All this is aimed at selecting a venue that will be more convenient for your client and their guest. There is also an added advantage if the venue you finally choose has its own trained security staff. Your security agency can work with them to ensure proper surveillance.


Just like picking a safe venue, you should be concerned about the kind of security agency you want to hire for your event. It is good to always get the best security services that will deliver a good job for your event. This is necessary because of the magnitude of what is at stake. Event planners should do a proper checking of their background to ensure they do what is needed. Now that you have hired a professional security agency let them visit the venue with you again. They need all the necessary information about the venue. It is good to provide them with the site map showing the locations of all rest rooms, directions to all the emergency exit. You should also ensure that your security team are visible enough to attendees because most attendees now rely on security personnel for directions.


Assumption should never be considered as long as security and safety is concerned. It is better to prepare ahead before time. It is better to create an emergency response plan well in advance with your security agency. Make sure you have your plans on how to move guest and attendees to safer area during emergency. Making sure that people who might need assistance during emergency are looked after (people suffering from medical condition, temporary injury, pregnancy) this is what most planners don’t consider but it is very crucial. Every detail must be attended to.


The fact is that in most event especially large capacity event, medical emergencies do occur. It is good to have medical personnel on ground to act fast and handle all medical conditions and injury and emergencies. Your medical teams should work with the security team to provide proper checking of conditions. Event planners should ensure that the venue hall is fire proofed with proper fire regulation check. You should make provision for enough fire extinguishers and visible exit signs. Event planners should check out the use of indoor fireworks. Make sure that whoever is to use the fireworks must be well experienced. Once the person is experienced they know better to always note every instructions before using it. Fireworks are safer when watched from distance as well as when it is safely extinguished.


Communication is key in order to keep your event safe. Do not ignore the importance of educating everyone working with you on the procedures and what they must do in worst scenarios. It is good to let your staff and guest know when to alert the appropriate authority when something bad happens. Let attendees know how to exit the venue safely and effectively. Event planners should not forget to educate caterers on how to properly use their gas cylinders and burners. Your electrical engineers should be well educated on how they expose life wires. You should also make sure that electric cables should not be seen in public areas. This I mean that it should be well covered.

To conclude I advise that event planners should continue to put effort and resources before and during the event itself. The more prepared you are the safer the event becomes.

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How to grow your event planning business…

It is good that you have decided to put all obstacles away to start your own event planning business. That’s a better start. After putting so much effort to ensure that you kick off, do not forget that you also have to put that same effort to see that your business stands visible even with the competitors around and that you also increase your client base.

Moving your business to the next level should not frustrate you. Just know that to be able to keep up with your competitors, there is an appropriate way to increase and boost your business especially boosting your client base so that there is no difficulty in the area of getting jobs frequently.

The event planning business is no longer that small business it use to be many years back. There is more enlightenment, exposure and innovations. In order for you to meet up, the key principle to adopt to boost and develop your own event planning company is “MARKETING” your business to ensure that you promote your client base.

Marketing your business should be paramount once you start as an event planner. Marketing is just simple. It is you creating awareness to the general public as regards the service you render. This channel showcases what your event planning company stands for.

Marketing your event planning business can be achieved through different ways. When this is properly utilize, your event planning company will be on the top list even with competitors around.

Now let’s look at ways you can get prospective clients to take action and promote your business name.

My #1 point, create a website

Creating a website for your business allows potential clients to see the services you render. When they click the search buttons for event planner or wedding planner, your website can pop up. Your website should represent your event planning company well by showcasing the service you render.

Point #2, volunteer

For new event planners, requesting to volunteer is a better way to boost your business name. Volunteer to plan for free while you take photos and videos. Document those information. You will need those information to show prospective clients and on your social media page. Trust me volunteering to plan for free will increase your brand recognition.

Point #3, create a social media platform and use it to advertise

Having a social media platform is a good start. It is time to utilize your page. Make sure you keep regular information on your social media platform to engage your users. For a start, you might want to start with facebook, instagram and linkedin. These platforms are valuable in promoting your event planning business. The amazing thing is that they are easily accessible. You can use them in different ways to advertise your business.


It is just a better way of getting across to a wider audience. You can create a business page on facebook and get it linked to your personal page. This makes it very easy to connect to your personal contact and their friends will get to see the services you render.


This is a professional network which makes it easier for you to get a more serious professional connections. It provides you the opportunity to get valuable leads to your event planning business.


Recent study shows that this platform has helped many business owners to promote their business because of the use of pictures and videos. Instagram is a fast growing community that majority of users now depend on to promote their business. It is a way of getting new products, business inspiration for their different needs. Make sure your social media is always updated with new information. This will make your event planning company top in your users mind when they need an event planning company services. While you are posting pictures and videos it makes more meaning when you have good and quality content. This is to captivate and engage their mind more.

Point #4, have a business card

Your business card is what identifies your brand. As small as the business card is, it carries the information about your event planning company. Maximize this by making sure that every potential you come in contact with gets your business card. You do not know when you will get a call. Your business card might look small,  but it can go a long way in bringing in jobs when it is properly utilize. I will advice you do not look down on this marketing tool. Despite the fact that we are in the computer age,  business card is still considered very useful because of the information it carries.

Point #5, networking

Some people might see networking as been a bit stressful because it requires you talking to a stranger probably about something they do not know about. There are more appropriate ways to network. Networking is one vital tool event planners must access. It helps you relate more face to face with potential clients, people in the same industries and a better platform to be a member of an association to meet with your contemporaries to share ideas. This organisations usually hold seminars and conferences which will create an opportunity for you to meet with invited guest and market yourself as an event planner.

Point #6, satisfy your client

One of the importance of rendering a good service is the fact that a satisfied client can put in a good word for you to their friends, family and business associates. To achieve this, you must always look out for innovative ideas about event planning to improve the services you offer.

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Wedding anxiety can be a pain in the neck if you do not know how to do away with negativity. I know wedding preparations can  be stressful and anxiety stares you in the face. Anxiety is always that feeling of worry which makes you feel uneasy. This feelings brings fear into you and makes you want to keep postponing your wedding date.

Trust me when you allow your mind and soul to succumb to some negative thoughts, it can be destructive. Anxiety during wedding preparation is probably gaining traction these days. Wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Young people ripe for marriage being afraid of organizing their wedding. The say it costs a lot. For brides the imagery of having that perfect body. They are anxious of having a perfect wedding as well as having a perfect life and most importantly family stress because of the expectation of both families especially when both couples have different culture and beliefs. The idea of having every eyes glaring at you can  be pretty intimidating.

An article by Roy Baymeister and Dianne Tice in the journal of clinical psychology says,

“Anything that defines the self as useless, incompetent and inadequate may bring anxiety, for it raises the possibility that the group might reject one as incompetent”

So what do they do? Keep postponing. Shift dates forward or avoid setting a date indefinitely waiting for windfall but you know wisdom is good because it gives direction.

So let me put your mind at ease. There are simple ways of conquering your fears and make you surefooted as you plan for probably your happiest day yet your wedding.

 My first point,meet with a planner.

Trust me the best way to deal with anxiety related to wedding is to meet with a trusted professional planner. Wedding planers have existing relationship with vendors making  it possible for easier negotiations. The idea of planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, so it is incredibly very useful to have a safe hand planning your wedding for you. This is why you need to read my blog on “why you should hire a professional event planner” It is a great resource to have a trusted planner help you manage your big day. Like i will always say planners are there to relieve you off stress and help you save money.

My second point, plan withing your means

It is unwise to spend the money you do not have and keep paying debts months or even years later after the wedding day. It is wrong to start married life like that. so my advice, plan within your means. Never use the wedding of a friend or relation as a standard. Your wedding or marriage is no popularity contest.

Thirdly. work with your partner to establish a budget

The wedding or marriage is not about you. So work with your partner to agree and establish a firm budget. If your spouse is the flamboyant, very sociable type. Never worry. Patently, persuasively allow her to see things from your viewpoint especially if she earns more than you. This of course is addressed to the groom.

Fourth point, be open with your in laws.

Discuss your concerns with both families amicably and be patient enough for them while you work out the best solution with them. Let your approach be calm and not forceful. Don’t give them a wrong impression. From get go, let them know your financial status without “saying so” verbally. What i am saying is, learn to keep a low profile. If you give them the impression that you are a spendthrift. Then you should not complain if they load your list.

I am particularly talking to you guys here. However, some in-laws just do not care. They just load the list, anyway. But the wise thing to do is, politely state what you can afford and what you can’t.

Point five, be calm and accept help.

The pressure can make you feel tensed and sometimes irritated especially when you notice the deadlines looming but you need to get yourself together and put a big YES to people who offer to help out because people genuinely want to be there for you. Just get in touch with them and trust me you will feel a lot better. It is also important that  you have one or two people you can always turn to for support through out your preparations and wedding day.

My sixth point, focus more on the marriage.

This long range view will help you keep the main thing. See yourself spending the rest of your life with the true love of your life. That feeling and anticipation would choke any fear or phobia. it is good for couples to always encourage each other during this period because of the pressure surrounding it. This makes you less worried and relaxed to achieve your wedding goals. The tendency for brides to freak out is more than the groom. It is good to let your partner know how super excited you are about the wedding, so it does not mean you are not.

My last point, take days to relax and do not feel bad about it.

It can be hard to see yourself idle because you feel there is no time left. Since your planner is there to help you actualize your goal and you have delegated task, giving yourself a break is necessary and just fine for you. You have to feel yourself during this period and make sure you do your favorite activity that will make you happy and relaxed.

Being fearful or timid does not come from God. Rather, you need to be bold and courageous. Take that step today and you will be surprised at the outcome you will get.




Have you ever been in a situation where you are really trying to make big moves during your planning and coordination? At times you can get really excited about your goals and then you notice it does not come out the way you want it to be.

How many times have you thought of given up because you feel you are not capable enough to succeed and stand out like others?

When i decided to start my event planning business, i really  did not have all the qualities i have now. I want to tell you that it takes constant learning from different source. All of what i had learnt i decided to put all to practice. Regardless of what you know trust me there are some key qualities you should possess if you want to succeed and break grounds in this business.

Event planning as you know is the order in which you plan and coordinate events. Now every planner know that in planning event there are methods, ways and order to follow. I know that each person is different, we all have our own style and concepts even though the process may look similar but honestly you need to have some outstanding qualities so you can make really big moves in the event world.

Therefore i do not want to sting you with what you do not have. what i want to tell you are things that i have learnt and made part of me which has made me where i am today. Trust me you can make it part of you .

Now lets get into the qualities you should have.


This is one outstanding quality you need as an event planner. You should be creative, introduce new and intelligent ideas. You should be able to think outside the box. By this i mean that everyone is aiming at the same target you should be able to offer up to your clients new and outstanding ideas that should get them impressed and excited about working with you. Don’t also forget that after you have come up with that intelligent idea, you should work towards an act of creating that idea to be a reality.


This is my favorite quality, going into details. Getting it done and doing it right to avoid mistakes is just what is required. You need to pay attention to everything properly and make it well organized. You should thoroughly review any plan you have and make sure that there are no mistakes.

This quality is something you should really desire for as an event planner. Honestly paying details helps you see the main picture of everything.


There are times you need to solve urgent problems while working on site. Aside the plans you have made, it is possible that something might just go wrong and you need to adjust and solve that problem quickly so there is no clue that something wrong happened. As an event planner you need to be prepared to handle any kind of situation that may arise. Thereby making you to make changes where necessary. While you are changing most of plans to solve sudden issues, you must know that you are working with time, don’t spend the whole day on something that should not take much since you already have other things on your list.


As a leader it is required that you need to have passion because it makes you fruitful. Being passionate is important for a leader, it gives you purpose. Since you are always excited this quality will help you deal with difficult client and difficult people in the event world while you try to actualize your goals for that event instead of letting obstacles stop you.


Times and seasons have changed, the world is fast developing, new trends are coming up, new gadgets have been introduced and is commonly used. Technology helps one do things faster and better and that makes your work productive and outstanding.

Honestly there are new ideas and formats. The use of old models are gradually falling. Technology can help you actualize a lot. The use of social media, internet and lots more.

If every event planner capitalize on these qualities, they stand to gain an outstanding personality in the event world…

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In this week post, i want to talk to both the event planner and the client. This is something that is mostly ignored and trust me this has brought about low performance in service rendering, bad health condition, not being able to look your best during your big day. I am particular about this because i know the negative effect stress can cause if one does not know how to manage it, set goals and achieve them right on time before you get choked up with millions of to do list within a short period of time.

This post is going to be as direct as possible. As long as planning, coordination and preparing for your big day is concerned you will somehow find yourself in a situation where your work load seems endless, difficult and fast approaching. You find yourself saying oh! i feel stressed! i do. I don’t like the outcome of stress it can make me moody for that day. Your experience of stress can even be worse.

Stress is naturally a physical response of mental or emotional tension resulting from a demanding circumstance. Like the pressure and tension clients who are preparing for their big day, like the pressure event planners face while trying to meet up with certain goals for the event.

Trust me stress during planing an event is just inevitable but the challenge here is when you allow your body succumb to your emotions. So what usually comes up?Not getting the right things done, procrastinate, set high target which is out of their reach,over work themselves.

I want to take you through some steps to help you reduce stress while preparing for your big day and while planning an event.

Here are my tips to help you beat stress as you work towards achieving your goals for an event and your big day

My first point is be REALISTIC

There is nothing better than watching your plan come together. Know what your goals are at a particular time. Trust me when you set goals that you know you can never achieve you will be adding more stress. I always advice one to pursue their short term goals, work towards actualizing your long term goals at the right time. You can’t start planning a destination wedding within two weeks be ready to buy a dozen of panadol because you will be having health issues due to excessive work load. Aside your health you can’t get exactly what you desire for that day. Unfortunately some couples don’t still realize that there is no way they can get everything done in one day. Be realistic about your goals.

My second point is avoid PROCRASTINATION…

Procrastination is one thing that can kill your goals. The sooner you start planing for your big day and planning for the event you have been hired for the better for you. Trust me wasting even one day, could put you behind and not been able to give yourself more time to plan but to rush up things.

You have to set your priorities right. It is good to get things done at the right time. Avoid last minute rush that leads to anxiety and tension.

Point three, work with your BUDGET

When it’s a wedding, unfortunately some couples don’t decide what is important. Expert say: creating a dream wedding does not have to cost a house down payment. Sit wit your spouse, determine exactly how much you can afford and work with that. Linda Diproperzio (the wedding expert) says “You can have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank and going into debt” as the planner to plan outside the budget thereby exceeding the couple’s budget, you are at the risk of having problems and set back. When this happens you become over stressed and not been able to deliver your service effectively.

Don’t forget that it is the responsibility of the planner to help clients save money, suggest to them a better idea and how they can avoid unnecessary spending.

Fourth point is, get HELP

One of my post, i wrote about the effective event planning team. Event planners can’t work alone. You need your effective team to always assist you.For some clients most of them want to take charge of every section of the planning. You will feel overwhelmed while trying to do A-Z alone. To reduce the stress and work load, you need to reach out to a professional planner to help complete your project. After you hire your planner it is better you leave the job for your planner and trust your planner to give you an excellent job. Relax your mind and enjoy your party.

My last point is, get enough REST AND SLEEP…

You can’t work the whole 24 hours in a day. I advice you give your body, mind some rest to enable them function effectively…

You need to understand this. I know you might feel you have unlimited time, this is why you need to start your planning before time so you have enough time left for rest. Getting sleep and rest is an integral part of relaxing your mind from all worries.

Understand that your success is your top most priority. lack of sleep and rest can reduce your ability to concentrate. I advice you get enough sleep and rest needed. When you have enough of this be sure that it will boost your concentration as well as keep you relaxed.

So from today pull back from working under stress, watch out for warning signs that will help you avoid working under duress.




The question on so many clients mind is, who can plan my big day without it costing a fortune?

My answer is very simple, hire a planner who is creative and you won’t regret you did. Today a lot of event have been tagged a failed event, not because there was not enough resources but because of poor planning and coordination. You will agree with me when i say almost everyone who does not have knowledge of event planning and management suddenly becomes an event planner during the event of a family member.

When planning an event some people think “i can do this by myself! it can’t be hard” not until they start and the event is messed up before they realize that it is not as simple as it looks. To successfully plan an event there are many things involved, a lot of time needed and multiple professional man power to get it done the right way. Only a professional event planner know the tricks which they have learned and developed through training and practices through the year.

In this post i am going to talk to you about the importance of hiring a creative event planner. I personally think that event planning requires a lot of creativity from the part of the planner. If the planner has no creative ideas the event can’t be a memorable one for the client.

I wrote a previous blog on “Effective event planning team” if the head who calls the shot is not creative then the other team members can’t do much.

Whether it’s for a onetime event or multiple event, hiring a professional event planner saves you all the troubles.

Do you worry about the cost of hiring an event planner and feel it’s not necessary?

Not to worry a professional event planner can handle all levels of event planning up to saving your money, helps you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Now lets talk about the importance of hiring a creative event planner…

My first point. They always know what to do

A creative event planner knows what the job entails. They know how to work with the budget, methods to use in achieving creative measures to get hundred percent results. Since they have been trained and have experience, they know the necessary arrangement and pitfalls in event planning. They are experts in solving all emergency problems that may arise during the cause of planning.

In a nutshell they can handle all task. This is why you should not entrust your special day to someone who is an amateur. Now don’t misunderstand me, by amateur am not talking about an event planner who is new in the event world, creativity is not how long one has been in the business but how much that person can think and create wonderful ideas.

My second point is, it saves time

Planning an event really takes good and quality time to ensure the event is successful. Creative event planners usually have a lot of time to research, plan and negotiate while the client concentrate on more personal matters. Because planning an event is a full time business and most people already have full time jobs, so it is unrealistic to add the task of planning an event on to your fully loaded day.

This is why you need a planner who works full time on that to ensure your special day is made perfect for you and your guest.

My third point. It reduce stress.

Truth be told the position of an event planner is on the top list of most stressful jobs in recent times. The stress is seen by the the amount of accountability they have to create, organize and produce a well planned successful event.

A planner who has creative ideas is always there to relieve you off the work load. Having a professional handle small, large details and get everything all done successful is a great way of reducing stress for you. Be sure that all your difficult problems will be solved while you just sit back and enjoy your day.

My fourth point is they help you save money.

Like i said from the introduction a lot of people don’t want to hire a professional event planner for their event because they see it as being expensive because of their long budget but the fact is that a professional planner can help you save money while planning your event.

A professional event planner will help you avoid making mistakes that will cost you lots of money in time to come.

Lastly, details are covered.

A planner who is creative is more concerned about all the details involved in making your event successful. They don’t ignore the tinniest thing. They see to it that all is put in place during the preparations and on the day of the event. They are detailed oriented making sure nothing is left out. Since they know the demand of different occasions and know all the details they work extra hours to put things in order.

This is why they plan and coordinate the event till the event is over to ensure a successful event.

Well that is about it and these are my tips on the importance of hiring a creative planner. Remember mismanaged event can never be salvaged. This should encourage you to hire a planner for your big day…

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Have you ever had an unbearable client, you considered quitting?

In my post earlier post i talked about how to relate with your clients to enable you build a good and lasting relationship with them.

Today am witting on how difficult client makes you a better event planner. Trust me you will eventually meet with difficult clients. A lot of event planners pray not to meet with them and if some do, they end up rejecting jobs like that. I want you to know that event planners are supposed to be problems solvers. That is why you choose a career like this, to solve event problems and manage people’s event for them.

The good is that working with difficult clients actually has an advantage on you if you want to move to greater heights in this business. In this post i will be giving few tips on how difficult clients can make you a better event planner.

At first the pressure working with them can be unbearable but after the experience, you will realize you have learned a lot spending time with them.

Here is how difficult clients bring out the best professional development opportunities in you.

First point. You will become more goal focused

When working with difficult clients, you may not agree on much but in the end you will both reach a successful conclusion on ideas. It makes you goal oriented since your conversation will be based on your goals. The goal is very important. Every move takes you closer to achieving your goals together.

Secondly. You learn perspective.

Truth be told,everyone’s opinion are shaped by their perspective. Dealing with difficult client will make you add”in my experience” to sentences, rather than someone who thinks the way you do. Adding this explains that your experience differs from others.

My third tip. It enhances your flexibility. When it has to do with a demanding relationship, you will either become more flexible or get out of it. With a client the latter is not always an option.

That is why you must find ways to improve the relationship. Too often lots of business owners forget the importance of being flexible with they work and relate with their clients. Don’t forget that every client you work with is vastly different in how they run their operations and their expectations. As their event planner who is to manege the whole of their event, you really do need a lot of flexibility on your part to enable you have an effective working relationship with them.

Note, am not saying that you won’t have your principles and all but there are lots of other means of stating your point that will yield to a positive conclusion to the benefit of everyone. Frankly speaking i have being able to adopt this measures in that i will work withing their procedures and expectations.

My fourth tip. You learn to mirror. Mirroring is a psychological tool to use while working with a difficult client.

This means you adjust your pattern of speech, body language and tone to correspond with theirs. It is said that mirroring is an excellent skill to adopt in other to connect with all kinds of people.

Lastly. You will excel at managing expectation. Usually, most clients become unbearable because they have unrealistic expectations surrounding the event.

It is good to address the expectations early for the best results. Finally you will see that the whole of your meetings with them has made you learn how to best work with them to meet with their needs, expectations and it will help both individuals achieve their goals.

I need you to challenge yourself today. Think about where you can make changes in how you work with difficult clients to enable a tensed free working environment and 100% effective service delivery…




“Majority of event planners started their event business from home”

Starting an event planning business from home is not just less expensive but has helped planners maximize productivity. Working from home is very flexible and will add values and ideas to your work. This has worked for a lot of successful event planners. Be sure that it will give you enough time and resources to build your business and name.

Today many top event planners, wedding planners usually share this view out of experience. If you are considering to start from home, you can kick off. If you are also considering whether it works or not, not to worry i have some tips here that will be of help to you and encourage you to start your event planning business from home.

First tip. Less expensive

Event planning is one amazing business that cost nothing to start. one can start from anywhere without waiting to have a huge capital before you begin. When you are connected to the internet with your laptops, desktops and mobile phones, you are good to go. Unlike some business you need some good amount of money to start and set up. Event planning is very easy to start once you have gone through a proper training and you know the do’s and don’ts, you are free to start your event business from home.

Tip 2. It gives you time to focus on business growth and marketing for your event business

I will always advice up coming event planners to always be mindful on how they spend the income they get at the early stage of their business. The income that comes in should be used to create business cards, stationery, a website sales collateral and more. Note that in the event world it is very important to be focused and remain focused.

You are not in competition with anyone but you need to get your priorities right by staying current with trendy event activities.

My third tip. Gives you time to generate funds and staffing resources

Now that you have cut down a lot of expenses like office rent, that means income made should be more reasonable and this is a work in progress. It is time to reduce the burden of business structure for a moment. Of course you already know that event planners work with numerous vendors like caterers, photographers and more.  You need to have a stand by team members who will work with you to help execute your ideas. You may think you can control or manage all responsibility alone, subsequently you will need to set up a team of resources or manpower to support your event and entire operations.

Fourth tip. Flexibility

I love to talk about flexibility because this is very crucial in the event world. Flexibility is the key to starting up from home. It is great to feel safe in your own home and able to carry on working for as long as you need. There is also time saved on travel.

 “one of the best thing about working from home is the flexibility is brings”

You have the possibility to have your work area completely personal with your team members. It is said that the more comfortable you are in your surroundings, the better you will work

Finally, drawing a line between work and pleasure is very important. Ultimately you will have to learn more about your business daily. Know that 80% of business survive the first year, almost half is no longer functioning few years down the line. Starting a new business is not an easy option but if you give in your best shot, it could be the best decision you have ever made…..