Perhaps you might think relating with your event planner as a client is only important in the other way round as in (Event planner having a better relationship with their client) because you hired them they should do what they are hired for. Trust me you got it all wrong.

I know I cannot get into your minds, telling you what you should do or not do but what I can do is give you well established facts on how you can maintain a good relationship with your event planner.

Now am going to give you absolute truths about event planners.

  1. Event planners put in all efforts to make sure everything goes on smoothly on your big day. Right from the day they sign the contract of planning your event till the main day of your event
  2. Event planners are your biggest backbone and supporter
  3. Event planners make provision for all the things needed for the success of your event
  4. Event planners see to it that you (client) is comfortable on your big day.

Yes I know you already know almost the details about your event but trust me there is this refreshing feeling you get when you know there is someone who is always ready to listen to you and tackle your to dos.

However here are my own tips on how you can maintain a good relationship with your event planner.


Let me be real with you some client have that notion that some event planners can be control freaks. Not to worry after you have applied my tips on how to have a good rapport with your event planner, you won’t have to think that way.

It is just cool to tell your event planner what you might be feeling. This is very important so that you and your event planner can always be on the same page. Transparency is about you sharing with your planner relevant, trustworthy and useful information about what you want for your big day. This information actually helps your event planner know exactly what you want. Be open to give your planner all necessary changes you intend to make for your event while you try to work out the whole plan together.

There is also nothing wrong in telling your planner “this is me” “this is who I am” whenever you notice a fault. It is always better to let it out politely than keeping it to yourself.


To have a successful event, you must be a good communicator. Believe me effective communication is key to having a good relationship. Communication is one skill that is not perfected but with constant practices it can be improved. Either you are sending emails, or meeting with your planner face to face, it will still improve your relationship with your planner. When you have a good communication with your event planner, it allows the two of you to be on the same page without any form of disagreement and argument. Being present, visible, engaged in all meetings with your planner is really important for the success of your big day. When you show up for meetings on time it makes the communication process easy.

While you are communicating with your event planner, you must know that it is not just speaking and listening but it is about getting a clear and complete information your planner is passing on to you. This gives you an opportunity to let your planner know your views and thoughts. Trust me professional event planners will only give suggestions not enforcing their opinions on you.

Make sure you insist for more face to face meetings with your event planner. It really helps to solidify good communication.


TRUST: Trust is the basis to which relationship revolve among humans. If you do not trust your event planner you will probably be doing everything and at the same time doing nothing only over working yourself instead of enjoying your big day. Trust me most event planners have extensive networks of vendors which they have worked with for many years and their work they can attest to without a blink of the eye. If you can believe in your event planner, your relationship with your planner will be enjoyable. Be sure that if you do not trust your planner, no matter how good your planner is, you may never be satisfied with the whole planning process and that will affect your relationship with your event planner.

I will end by saying having a good relationship with your event planner allows you enjoy your big day and that beautiful memory will last for a long time.

Author: twceventdotservices

Twc events services is a full service event advisory and planning company. We position ourselves as a resource to individuals and families to create memorable experiences, through flawless execution of the planning processes.. Here we give events nuggets and wedding tips.

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