Have you ever had an unbearable client, you considered quitting?

In my post earlier post i talked about how to relate with your clients to enable you build a good and lasting relationship with them.

Today am witting on how difficult client makes you a better event planner. Trust me you will eventually meet with difficult clients. A lot of event planners pray not to meet with them and if some do, they end up rejecting jobs like that. I want you to know that event planners are supposed to be problems solvers. That is why you choose a career like this, to solve event problems and manage people’s event for them.

The good is that working with difficult clients actually has an advantage on you if you want to move to greater heights in this business. In this post i will be giving few tips on how difficult clients can make you a better event planner.

At first the pressure working with them can be unbearable but after the experience, you will realize you have learned a lot spending time with them.

Here is how difficult clients bring out the best professional development opportunities in you.

First point. You will become more goal focused

When working with difficult clients, you may not agree on much but in the end you will both reach a successful conclusion on ideas. It makes you goal oriented since your conversation will be based on your goals. The goal is very important. Every move takes you closer to achieving your goals together.

Secondly. You learn perspective.

Truth be told,everyone’s opinion are shaped by their perspective. Dealing with difficult client will make you add”in my experience” to sentences, rather than someone who thinks the way you do. Adding this explains that your experience differs from others.

My third tip. It enhances your flexibility. When it has to do with a demanding relationship, you will either become more flexible or get out of it. With a client the latter is not always an option.

That is why you must find ways to improve the relationship. Too often lots of business owners forget the importance of being flexible with they work and relate with their clients. Don’t forget that every client you work with is vastly different in how they run their operations and their expectations. As their event planner who is to manege the whole of their event, you really do need a lot of flexibility on your part to enable you have an effective working relationship with them.

Note, am not saying that you won’t have your principles and all but there are lots of other means of stating your point that will yield to a positive conclusion to the benefit of everyone. Frankly speaking i have being able to adopt this measures in that i will work withing their procedures and expectations.

My fourth tip. You learn to mirror. Mirroring is a psychological tool to use while working with a difficult client.

This means you adjust your pattern of speech, body language and tone to correspond with theirs. It is said that mirroring is an excellent skill to adopt in other to connect with all kinds of people.

Lastly. You will excel at managing expectation. Usually, most clients become unbearable because they have unrealistic expectations surrounding the event.

It is good to address the expectations early for the best results. Finally you will see that the whole of your meetings with them has made you learn how to best work with them to meet with their needs, expectations and it will help both individuals achieve their goals.

I need you to challenge yourself today. Think about where you can make changes in how you work with difficult clients to enable a tensed free working environment and 100% effective service delivery…




“Majority of event planners started their event business from home”

Starting an event planning business from home is not just less expensive but has helped planners maximize productivity. Working from home is very flexible and will add values and ideas to your work. This has worked for a lot of successful event planners. Be sure that it will give you enough time and resources to build your business and name.

Today many top event planners, wedding planners usually share this view out of experience. If you are considering to start from home, you can kick off. If you are also considering whether it works or not, not to worry i have some tips here that will be of help to you and encourage you to start your event planning business from home.

First tip. Less expensive

Event planning is one amazing business that cost nothing to start. one can start from anywhere without waiting to have a huge capital before you begin. When you are connected to the internet with your laptops, desktops and mobile phones, you are good to go. Unlike some business you need some good amount of money to start and set up. Event planning is very easy to start once you have gone through a proper training and you know the do’s and don’ts, you are free to start your event business from home.

Tip 2. It gives you time to focus on business growth and marketing for your event business

I will always advice up coming event planners to always be mindful on how they spend the income they get at the early stage of their business. The income that comes in should be used to create business cards, stationery, a website sales collateral and more. Note that in the event world it is very important to be focused and remain focused.

You are not in competition with anyone but you need to get your priorities right by staying current with trendy event activities.

My third tip. Gives you time to generate funds and staffing resources

Now that you have cut down a lot of expenses like office rent, that means income made should be more reasonable and this is a work in progress. It is time to reduce the burden of business structure for a moment. Of course you already know that event planners work with numerous vendors like caterers, photographers and more.  You need to have a stand by team members who will work with you to help execute your ideas. You may think you can control or manage all responsibility alone, subsequently you will need to set up a team of resources or manpower to support your event and entire operations.

Fourth tip. Flexibility

I love to talk about flexibility because this is very crucial in the event world. Flexibility is the key to starting up from home. It is great to feel safe in your own home and able to carry on working for as long as you need. There is also time saved on travel.

 “one of the best thing about working from home is the flexibility is brings”

You have the possibility to have your work area completely personal with your team members. It is said that the more comfortable you are in your surroundings, the better you will work

Finally, drawing a line between work and pleasure is very important. Ultimately you will have to learn more about your business daily. Know that 80% of business survive the first year, almost half is no longer functioning few years down the line. Starting a new business is not an easy option but if you give in your best shot, it could be the best decision you have ever made…..



Do you know that when you have a special relationship with your client you are establishing success for your business? In most cases the reason why a client would prefer to work with a certain planner is because clients prefer to work with people they like and can relate with.

Most planners tend to overlook the importance of having a personal connection  with their clients. When this is not corrected on time they end up losing their client and run the risk of losing prospect to someone who takes out time to build a great relationship with their client.

It is important to know that when you build up relationship with your clients they are most likely to hire you again or spread a positive word about their experience while working with you.

TIP (1)

First impression matters.

When you first meet with your client are you the type that is too pushy? Do you act like you know all? Do you always want to be at the talking end? You must try to avoid all these. Clients don’t hire planners who are forceful. Be careful not to dominate all the conversation. Know that clients love to get your full attention and respect.

They want to always feel important, so you must be at the listening end…

Tip (2)… Bond with your client

Business is dynamic between people that build up relationship. I know the world of event can be very competitive, people want to quickly sell their services but it is good to create a rapport with your clients. Am not saying you should let loose, maintain your professionalism while you let your client know and feel you are trying to bond with them through your communication with them.

” If you have already met with your client before try to know one or two details about them”

It is good to bring up conversations like asking them about their business and family members. This is also a way of of making them feel relaxed and comfortable enough to talk business with them.

Tip (3)… Ask questions first.

It is good to get the proper information of what your client wants. It is much easier for you to provide a quality service once you know what your client desires. I love to ask questions because it is very important to know all the details about the event.

Tip (4) Always offer solutions…

The truth of the matter is that your company is not the only one they have contacted, there will always be competitors around but the way and manner you help prospective client out is what makes them want to hire you as their planner.

To get potential client to call you back you must try to provide solutions to their needs. Once you know what they need, it is your duty to be quick to render solutions to it. Make them see your company capable enough to provide relief to their needs. Note when you give suggestions and educate them, allow them make their own decisions.

Tip (5) Render your service…

Why you created that relationship was for that purpose so don’t prolong the process. Once the client gives you all information you need and you understand what they need, go ahead to render the service required. Be confident while you render your service and be interested in their satisfaction.

You will be surprise to see how that client will give positive recommendation about your company and the quality service you render.

Lastly. Solidify your relationship with them……

A lot of business owners miss out on this aspect. For me this is as important as the service i render to them. Stay in their mind throughout the year.

Communication is the bridge that can build people together and this element is very crucial. There is a well known saying “Rome was not build in a day” so keep reminding them you are there when they need your services.

I will always say that happy clients usually make referrals. you never know who your client may know or to whom they will refer you.

“so be a trusted partner by building up your relationship with your clients”




Today’s post i will talk about the importance of effective event planning team. This is quite important because working as an event planner without the proper team is what can slowly and silently kill one’s business…

Over time, team building is one most commonly used group’s development by many organizations. The saying ‘two heads are better than one is a popular phrase that is widely known and is a fact. Trust me this saying is really a fact. It has always worked for me all the time in my business. Check out most successful events today, it has being as a result of working as a team and most importantly working with effective team members. My point is that this saying has its relevance on all aspect be it business, relationship and family though i will be talking about the event world.

One’s goal as an event planner who desires for success is to be able to successfully plan all events you have been hired for. Never think for a minute that it can just happen like that. You can only make that happen when you involve the right set of team members. So you must know that team work usually turns out productive especially when it’s the right team members. You cannot complete your goal for an event when you do not have committed people who desire to work willingly to invest time and knowledge into the event.

Organizing, planning and conducting a major event can be successfully achieved when your team members understand how the work fits in. Many people think they work in teams but they actually work in groups and that is why most event planning company do not get to fulfill the basic result for effective team work


First thing you should know is that the hiring process is very important because you have the vision and obviously understand the event whether big or small. what you should ask yourself is who should manage this? who should be involved?

When this is identified, you will make sure that the team on board gets the full goal of the event. Working with a team who gets the full goal of the event is important because the experience the attendee and clients have depends on those managing the event.

First important tip:

They solve problems. As the CEO of my event planning company, i love to work with my team, it gives me the opportunity to share ideas. I carry them along and see to it that everyone understands what the client wants and the whole details about the event. Over time my team are always there to help solve different problems quickly and effectively. Though you are the master planner and you have your plans already carved out. Event don’t run smoothly without your team on ground. Your team are your in house implementer of your vision.

One of the greatest team work benefits is the collaboration of the various skills that the team brings together. It usually results in creativity. Of course you know that during the work process each team members bring with them their different strength and ideas to tackle that difficult situation. When team members come together to solve problems, it also leads to avoiding them again. You should know that no matter how well you prepare, there are some factors that can affect your plans but with your great team in place you can withstand that problem and it will be taken care of.

Second tip:

They reduce stress. Usually top event planners always have a lot on their desk during the planning of an event. The work load becomes less when you have team members who perform excellently. This reduce stress and pressure during the planning and execution. You will live a stress free life when you work with a productive and cohesive team who perform effectively to get good and quality result. Being able to assign different jobs when your to do list is longer than your strength will reduce a lot of pressure on the event planner especially when you have to put an event together at extremely short notice. Of course there are times i have to plan more than one event on one day. I involve my team members, assigning them on different roles and it makes the job a lot easier for me. Note that going solo is not a good idea, it is good to reduce much of the pressure and maintain a positive atmosphere.

Effective event planning team, Third:

They deliver their job. While you aim to be a successful event planner, it is also necessary to understand the importance of a well functional team who will work with you to ensure that a project is carried out successfully. Once each of them know the goal of the event and their specific roles, they work as professionals to make the event unique and outstanding. When they have their schedule and deadlines, you can manage and organize the event much better and faster compare to when you work alone. If you want to grow and satisfy your client, work with a great team who can help you deliver a good service.


It’s a learning moment. Success comes from your ability to learn quality ideas whether by reading or learning from people. In event planning you need the collaboration of several departments to achieve professional preparation for the whole occasion. Like i said in the introduction “Two heads are better than one” teamwork enhances knowledge and learning new ideas from each other. One individual cannot be an expert in all areas of event organization. So working as a team is required to achieve an excellent job.

“Using this few tips, you can restructure your event company to how you want it to look in such that many years to come you are still very relevant in the event world”

Am sure this is useful to you. Please feel free to share this post to someone who might need this information…


As a bride to be, you will agree with me when i say your wedding day is one of the most special day you dream of and always anticipate. After the engagement every bride to be begins to think about that special day when they finally get to say I DO! Every bride wants to know how to look fabulous, stunning and radiant on their wedding day. They have like one hundred and one ideas running through their heads. like the wedding dress, how it will fit, their hair, makeup, shoes and all.

looking great on that day matters a lot. You will need to get ready to kick off a whole new life with your future spouse. since its a special and a one time life experience with your family and friends, that will make you want to look your best in pictures, videos and of course to look more beautiful than anyone because you will need to keep special memories of that day for the rest of your life.


It is not difficult to look fabulous especially when you adopt the right methods.

Here are few tips that would be of help to you…

                              My first tip

  • Plan your outfit. what you wear matters a lot. Don’t just wear anything and come out looking all dull and clueless. Do proper research using the internet, magazines and visit shops. Don’t pick a wedding dress at first sight even when it looks good on you. it will limit you from getting better options. Either you are shopping online or visiting shops, do it with someone who has a good knowledge on bridal wears. Getting a dress at first sight because it looks good on you is not the best option.


  • Get your body ready. While you are getting other things ready for your special day, don’t forget that another important part of having the perfect wedding is getting that perfect wedding body if you really want to look the best on that day. Give your body the best treat possible.


  • Rest. Months to your wedding day is always stressful and demanding with plenty of things on your list. There are times you might be on the move for hours putting one or two things in place. Though they are necessary but don’t forget that you are likely to fall ill if you do not give your body some rest. Your marriage vow has “To love in sickness and in health” no one really wants to fall ill on that special day. Of course there are times you get so busy that there are little or no time to sleep, it is best to find a safe and quite place to just rest the body. Take some time out to meditate, it calms the mind and provide it with deep rest. You can also consciously choose to rest by taking a break from everyone. Resting without sleeping can help you be in the right from of mind


  • Water. There are lots of fact about water that most people don’t know about which is why they don’t know its important to take enough water. Water helps you loose weight, maintains your weight for your wedding dress to properly fit in. Water makes your skin look radiant and healthier. Water is also the the first body treatment. Water can also prevent or ease that unpleasant headaches. you will need to feed your body with water consistently because water works at the body carriage system. I drink water like there is no tomorrow. Instead of consuming sugary substance all the time and at the end suffer overweight, diabetes and all others, why not go for what keeps you healthy, young and smart. Am in my early fifties and i still look young and fabulous. I am not trying to make you a waterholic you can still look hot and attractive the way you are but am making you understand the need and utmost importance of water.


  • Moisturize your skin.  personally i don’t joke with moisturizers. I love my skin so i don’t like to see it get too dry. I love to see it glow that way i feel and look younger. Imagine the look on your spouse face when as you walk down the aisle to meet him, you looking all radiant and glowing and he just can’t wait to say “i do” you might be thinking its expensive, there is no need to. moisturizers are even cheaper than most creams on sale. moisturizers gives that amazing baby skin. with all the stress in preparing for your wedding, you need to moisturize your skin and prepare it for your big day. Trust me you do not want to have wrinkles and you do not want your skin to look dull on the that special day.


   Last on my list is makeup and hairstyle….

Most bride to be anticipate on what kind of makeup to wear. Good enough that there are no rules anymore on a particular makeup for brides and hairdo. Though there are no rules, you still need to look classic and stunning on that special day.Not all brides are makeup fans but putting the right makeup that will make your appearance change is just good. I am not saying you should wear a trailer load of makeup but having the right makeup on gives you a whole lot of confidence.

I promise you if you should work with these tips, your looks on that special day wont have to be something you should be anxious of.




   Here are tips to help you become a successful event planner…


You would agree with me when i say that every event planner wants their event planning business to be a success. Money isn’t the whole story, at least there’s a certain satisfaction in doing what you have passion for.

There are different reasons why people consider opening a new business. whichever yours is, you should aim at being successful.

 Becoming a successful event planner lies in your ability to keep learning from the day you decide to start….

Do you know that when the financial benefits of business ownership can be great, successful event planners don’t start with money in mind? It is sad to see a new event planning company aiming at the money first instead of rendering a tangible service to satisfy their client. This does not mean that you should not also strive for profit, besides cash flow is the real essence of a business but your primary goal when planning an event should be to achieve creativity because a good service brings in continuous cash flow.


  • Change your perception. To be a successful event planner, you must ask yourself some key questions because success is really not for people who are not prepared for it. Are you ready to change your mindset from the normal cliche thinking to thinking outside the box? Are you prepared to face disappointment? Are you prepared for the challenges ahead? A lot of people quit in just few years down the line. You must change your perception if you want to succeed in this business.


  • Find a mentor. Having a mentor is very crucial to ones success in any business. Your mentor helps you identify opportunities. I know its exciting to do it alone and create something on your own but the fact is that you wont be able to do exactly what is needed at some point to develop into a sustainable business even if you have great ideas. Know that a good mentor is a person who already run or is running an event planning business of their own. Your mentor assist you with knowledge of how to mange your business and other important information on event planning. Their knowledge comes from direct experience. Personally i have had some several mentors which i have been able to learn from that has led to my success in this business.


  • Obtain a professional training. This is one way to be  successful in this business. I know a lot of people might have been involved in one way or the other working with an event planning company or helping out in events but that does not mean you know how to run an event planning company. Even though you may have killer ideas you also need to undergo some professional training. When you consider some certification courses, you are set for the do’s and don’ts. Event management formal training helps solidifies your experience. yes you may not need a university degree to run an event company but you need a formal training to learn a lot of vital information about the event world.


  • Good coordination between you and your team. You will agree with me when i say you cant succeed when you have team members who are not goal oriented for example lets say you have an event you are working on and one week to the event the people you assigned duty to still don’t know how to go about it. That can be very frustrating. You should have a well trained team members ( vendors, employees and temporary staffs) where everyone knows how to deliver for the success of the event. Your team should be able to think outside the box like you do.


  •  Satisfy your clients. Doing the work and getting it right is what your clients expect from you that is why you were hired. When am hired my to plan an event whether it is a big event or a small one, i make sure i pay complete attention to every details and my clients needs. I see every job i get hired for as an opportunity to create wonderful memories for my clients. Trust me when you do this by providing the service you say you will, you will succeed.


    “Desire to be a successful event planner today”