The question on so many clients mind is, who can plan my big day without it costing a fortune?

My answer is very simple, hire a planner who is creative and you won’t regret you did. Today a lot of event have been tagged a failed event, not because there was not enough resources but because of poor planning and coordination. You will agree with me when i say almost everyone who does not have knowledge of event planning and management suddenly becomes an event planner during the event of a family member.

When planning an event some people think “i can do this by myself! it can’t be hard” not until they start and the event is messed up before they realize that it is not as simple as it looks. To successfully plan an event there are many things involved, a lot of time needed and multiple professional man power to get it done the right way. Only a professional event planner know the tricks which they have learned and developed through training and practices through the year.

In this post i am going to talk to you about the importance of hiring a creative event planner. I personally think that event planning requires a lot of creativity from the part of the planner. If the planner has no creative ideas the event can’t be a memorable one for the client.

I wrote a previous blog on “Effective event planning team” if the head who calls the shot is not creative then the other team members can’t do much.

Whether it’s for a onetime event or multiple event, hiring a professional event planner saves you all the troubles.

Do you worry about the cost of hiring an event planner and feel it’s not necessary?

Not to worry a professional event planner can handle all levels of event planning up to saving your money, helps you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Now lets talk about the importance of hiring a creative event planner…

My first point. They always know what to do

A creative event planner knows what the job entails. They know how to work with the budget, methods to use in achieving creative measures to get hundred percent results. Since they have been trained and have experience, they know the necessary arrangement and pitfalls in event planning. They are experts in solving all emergency problems that may arise during the cause of planning.

In a nutshell they can handle all task. This is why you should not entrust your special day to someone who is an amateur. Now don’t misunderstand me, by amateur am not talking about an event planner who is new in the event world, creativity is not how long one has been in the business but how much that person can think and create wonderful ideas.

My second point is, it saves time

Planning an event really takes good and quality time to ensure the event is successful. Creative event planners usually have a lot of time to research, plan and negotiate while the client concentrate on more personal matters. Because planning an event is a full time business and most people already have full time jobs, so it is unrealistic to add the task of planning an event on to your fully loaded day.

This is why you need a planner who works full time on that to ensure your special day is made perfect for you and your guest.

My third point. It reduce stress.

Truth be told the position of an event planner is on the top list of most stressful jobs in recent times. The stress is seen by the the amount of accountability they have to create, organize and produce a well planned successful event.

A planner who has creative ideas is always there to relieve you off the work load. Having a professional handle small, large details and get everything all done successful is a great way of reducing stress for you. Be sure that all your difficult problems will be solved while you just sit back and enjoy your day.

My fourth point is they help you save money.

Like i said from the introduction a lot of people don’t want to hire a professional event planner for their event because they see it as being expensive because of their long budget but the fact is that a professional planner can help you save money while planning your event.

A professional event planner will help you avoid making mistakes that will cost you lots of money in time to come.

Lastly, details are covered.

A planner who is creative is more concerned about all the details involved in making your event successful. They don’t ignore the tinniest thing. They see to it that all is put in place during the preparations and on the day of the event. They are detailed oriented making sure nothing is left out. Since they know the demand of different occasions and know all the details they work extra hours to put things in order.

This is why they plan and coordinate the event till the event is over to ensure a successful event.

Well that is about it and these are my tips on the importance of hiring a creative planner. Remember mismanaged event can never be salvaged. This should encourage you to hire a planner for your big day…

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Author: twceventdotservices

Twc events services is a full service event advisory and planning company. We position ourselves as a resource to individuals and families to create memorable experiences, through flawless execution of the planning processes.. Here we give events nuggets and wedding tips.

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