Have you ever had an unbearable client, you considered quitting?

In my post earlier post i talked about how to relate with your clients to enable you build a good and lasting relationship with them.

Today am witting on how difficult client makes you a better event planner. Trust me you will eventually meet with difficult clients. A lot of event planners pray not to meet with them and if some do, they end up rejecting jobs like that. I want you to know that event planners are supposed to be problems solvers. That is why you choose a career like this, to solve event problems and manage people’s event for them.

The good is that working with difficult clients actually has an advantage on you if you want to move to greater heights in this business. In this post i will be giving few tips on how difficult clients can make you a better event planner.

At first the pressure working with them can be unbearable but after the experience, you will realize you have learned a lot spending time with them.

Here is how difficult clients bring out the best professional development opportunities in you.

First point. You will become more goal focused

When working with difficult clients, you may not agree on much but in the end you will both reach a successful conclusion on ideas. It makes you goal oriented since your conversation will be based on your goals. The goal is very important. Every move takes you closer to achieving your goals together.

Secondly. You learn perspective.

Truth be told,everyone’s opinion are shaped by their perspective. Dealing with difficult client will make you add”in my experience” to sentences, rather than someone who thinks the way you do. Adding this explains that your experience differs from others.

My third tip. It enhances your flexibility. When it has to do with a demanding relationship, you will either become more flexible or get out of it. With a client the latter is not always an option.

That is why you must find ways to improve the relationship. Too often lots of business owners forget the importance of being flexible with they work and relate with their clients. Don’t forget that every client you work with is vastly different in how they run their operations and their expectations. As their event planner who is to manege the whole of their event, you really do need a lot of flexibility on your part to enable you have an effective working relationship with them.

Note, am not saying that you won’t have your principles and all but there are lots of other means of stating your point that will yield to a positive conclusion to the benefit of everyone. Frankly speaking i have being able to adopt this measures in that i will work withing their procedures and expectations.

My fourth tip. You learn to mirror. Mirroring is a psychological tool to use while working with a difficult client.

This means you adjust your pattern of speech, body language and tone to correspond with theirs. It is said that mirroring is an excellent skill to adopt in other to connect with all kinds of people.

Lastly. You will excel at managing expectation. Usually, most clients become unbearable because they have unrealistic expectations surrounding the event.

It is good to address the expectations early for the best results. Finally you will see that the whole of your meetings with them has made you learn how to best work with them to meet with their needs, expectations and it will help both individuals achieve their goals.

I need you to challenge yourself today. Think about where you can make changes in how you work with difficult clients to enable a tensed free working environment and 100% effective service delivery…



Author: twceventdotservices

Twc events services is a full service event advisory and planning company. We position ourselves as a resource to individuals and families to create memorable experiences, through flawless execution of the planning processes.. Here we give events nuggets and wedding tips.

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