Planning an event is not really a walkover thing especially when you have high profile event. Whether it’s a high profile event or a small event, in planning all kinds of event, safety and security measures must be considered. This is an integral aspect in event planning.

Ideally, when planning an event it is essential to plan ahead for the worst in order to avoid it even as you expect to have a successful event. Event safety should require you putting in extra measure not being in a rush to ensure the security and safety of the event.

In this era of attacks, keeping your guest safe from danger should be the number one priority of every event planner. I will also stress that event planners should get the appropriate security measures in place and on time.

Here are five tips on what you can do to ensure the safety of your guest.


While you are considering if the hall can carry the amount of guest you are expecting, it is also important to consider the safety aspect of the venue. Event safety is something that should not be compromised. It is advisable to visit the venues you are considering for your event in person. Visiting the venue in person helps you spot danger zones, check all facility, check if there are enough emergency exit, knowing the venue layout. All this is aimed at selecting a venue that will be more convenient for your client and their guest. There is also an added advantage if the venue you finally choose has its own trained security staff. Your security agency can work with them to ensure proper surveillance.


Just like picking a safe venue, you should be concerned about the kind of security agency you want to hire for your event. It is good to always get the best security services that will deliver a good job for your event. This is necessary because of the magnitude of what is at stake. Event planners should do a proper checking of their background to ensure they do what is needed. Now that you have hired a professional security agency let them visit the venue with you again. They need all the necessary information about the venue. It is good to provide them with the site map showing the locations of all rest rooms, directions to all the emergency exit. You should also ensure that your security team are visible enough to attendees because most attendees now rely on security personnel for directions.


Assumption should never be considered as long as security and safety is concerned. It is better to prepare ahead before time. It is better to create an emergency response plan well in advance with your security agency. Make sure you have your plans on how to move guest and attendees to safer area during emergency. Making sure that people who might need assistance during emergency are looked after (people suffering from medical condition, temporary injury, pregnancy) this is what most planners don’t consider but it is very crucial. Every detail must be attended to.


The fact is that in most event especially large capacity event, medical emergencies do occur. It is good to have medical personnel on ground to act fast and handle all medical conditions and injury and emergencies. Your medical teams should work with the security team to provide proper checking of conditions. Event planners should ensure that the venue hall is fire proofed with proper fire regulation check. You should make provision for enough fire extinguishers and visible exit signs. Event planners should check out the use of indoor fireworks. Make sure that whoever is to use the fireworks must be well experienced. Once the person is experienced they know better to always note every instructions before using it. Fireworks are safer when watched from distance as well as when it is safely extinguished.


Communication is key in order to keep your event safe. Do not ignore the importance of educating everyone working with you on the procedures and what they must do in worst scenarios. It is good to let your staff and guest know when to alert the appropriate authority when something bad happens. Let attendees know how to exit the venue safely and effectively. Event planners should not forget to educate caterers on how to properly use their gas cylinders and burners. Your electrical engineers should be well educated on how they expose life wires. You should also make sure that electric cables should not be seen in public areas. This I mean that it should be well covered.

To conclude I advise that event planners should continue to put effort and resources before and during the event itself. The more prepared you are the safer the event becomes.

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