How to grow your event planning business…

It is good that you have decided to put all obstacles away to start your own event planning business. That’s a better start. After putting so much effort to ensure that you kick off, do not forget that you also have to put that same effort to see that your business stands visible even with the competitors around and that you also increase your client base.

Moving your business to the next level should not frustrate you. Just know that to be able to keep up with your competitors, there is an appropriate way to increase and boost your business especially boosting your client base so that there is no difficulty in the area of getting jobs frequently.

The event planning business is no longer that small business it use to be many years back. There is more enlightenment, exposure and innovations. In order for you to meet up, the key principle to adopt to boost and develop your own event planning company is “MARKETING” your business to ensure that you promote your client base.

Marketing your business should be paramount once you start as an event planner. Marketing is just simple. It is you creating awareness to the general public as regards the service you render. This channel showcases what your event planning company stands for.

Marketing your event planning business can be achieved through different ways. When this is properly utilize, your event planning company will be on the top list even with competitors around.

Now let’s look at ways you can get prospective clients to take action and promote your business name.

My #1 point, create a website

Creating a website for your business allows potential clients to see the services you render. When they click the search buttons for event planner or wedding planner, your website can pop up. Your website should represent your event planning company well by showcasing the service you render.

Point #2, volunteer

For new event planners, requesting to volunteer is a better way to boost your business name. Volunteer to plan for free while you take photos and videos. Document those information. You will need those information to show prospective clients and on your social media page. Trust me volunteering to plan for free will increase your brand recognition.

Point #3, create a social media platform and use it to advertise

Having a social media platform is a good start. It is time to utilize your page. Make sure you keep regular information on your social media platform to engage your users. For a start, you might want to start with facebook, instagram and linkedin. These platforms are valuable in promoting your event planning business. The amazing thing is that they are easily accessible. You can use them in different ways to advertise your business.


It is just a better way of getting across to a wider audience. You can create a business page on facebook and get it linked to your personal page. This makes it very easy to connect to your personal contact and their friends will get to see the services you render.


This is a professional network which makes it easier for you to get a more serious professional connections. It provides you the opportunity to get valuable leads to your event planning business.


Recent study shows that this platform has helped many business owners to promote their business because of the use of pictures and videos. Instagram is a fast growing community that majority of users now depend on to promote their business. It is a way of getting new products, business inspiration for their different needs. Make sure your social media is always updated with new information. This will make your event planning company top in your users mind when they need an event planning company services. While you are posting pictures and videos it makes more meaning when you have good and quality content. This is to captivate and engage their mind more.

Point #4, have a business card

Your business card is what identifies your brand. As small as the business card is, it carries the information about your event planning company. Maximize this by making sure that every potential you come in contact with gets your business card. You do not know when you will get a call. Your business card might look small,  but it can go a long way in bringing in jobs when it is properly utilize. I will advice you do not look down on this marketing tool. Despite the fact that we are in the computer age,  business card is still considered very useful because of the information it carries.

Point #5, networking

Some people might see networking as been a bit stressful because it requires you talking to a stranger probably about something they do not know about. There are more appropriate ways to network. Networking is one vital tool event planners must access. It helps you relate more face to face with potential clients, people in the same industries and a better platform to be a member of an association to meet with your contemporaries to share ideas. This organisations usually hold seminars and conferences which will create an opportunity for you to meet with invited guest and market yourself as an event planner.

Point #6, satisfy your client

One of the importance of rendering a good service is the fact that a satisfied client can put in a good word for you to their friends, family and business associates. To achieve this, you must always look out for innovative ideas about event planning to improve the services you offer.

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Author: twceventdotservices

Twc events services is a full service event advisory and planning company. We position ourselves as a resource to individuals and families to create memorable experiences, through flawless execution of the planning processes.. Here we give events nuggets and wedding tips.

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