In this week post, i want to talk to both the event planner and the client. This is something that is mostly ignored and trust me this has brought about low performance in service rendering, bad health condition, not being able to look your best during your big day. I am particular about this because i know the negative effect stress can cause if one does not know how to manage it, set goals and achieve them right on time before you get choked up with millions of to do list within a short period of time.

This post is going to be as direct as possible. As long as planning, coordination and preparing for your big day is concerned you will somehow find yourself in a situation where your work load seems endless, difficult and fast approaching. You find yourself saying oh! i feel stressed! i do. I don’t like the outcome of stress it can make me moody for that day. Your experience of stress can even be worse.

Stress is naturally a physical response of mental or emotional tension resulting from a demanding circumstance. Like the pressure and tension clients who are preparing for their big day, like the pressure event planners face while trying to meet up with certain goals for the event.

Trust me stress during planing an event is just inevitable but the challenge here is when you allow your body succumb to your emotions. So what usually comes up?Not getting the right things done, procrastinate, set high target which is out of their reach,over work themselves.

I want to take you through some steps to help you reduce stress while preparing for your big day and while planning an event.

Here are my tips to help you beat stress as you work towards achieving your goals for an event and your big day

My first point is be REALISTIC

There is nothing better than watching your plan come together. Know what your goals are at a particular time. Trust me when you set goals that you know you can never achieve you will be adding more stress. I always advice one to pursue their short term goals, work towards actualizing your long term goals at the right time. You can’t start planning a destination wedding within two weeks be ready to buy a dozen of panadol because you will be having health issues due to excessive work load. Aside your health you can’t get exactly what you desire for that day. Unfortunately some couples don’t still realize that there is no way they can get everything done in one day. Be realistic about your goals.

My second point is avoid PROCRASTINATION…

Procrastination is one thing that can kill your goals. The sooner you start planing for your big day and planning for the event you have been hired for the better for you. Trust me wasting even one day, could put you behind and not been able to give yourself more time to plan but to rush up things.

You have to set your priorities right. It is good to get things done at the right time. Avoid last minute rush that leads to anxiety and tension.

Point three, work with your BUDGET

When it’s a wedding, unfortunately some couples don’t decide what is important. Expert say: creating a dream wedding does not have to cost a house down payment. Sit wit your spouse, determine exactly how much you can afford and work with that. Linda Diproperzio (the wedding expert) says “You can have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank and going into debt” as the planner to plan outside the budget thereby exceeding the couple’s budget, you are at the risk of having problems and set back. When this happens you become over stressed and not been able to deliver your service effectively.

Don’t forget that it is the responsibility of the planner to help clients save money, suggest to them a better idea and how they can avoid unnecessary spending.

Fourth point is, get HELP

One of my post, i wrote about the effective event planning team. Event planners can’t work alone. You need your effective team to always assist you.For some clients most of them want to take charge of every section of the planning. You will feel overwhelmed while trying to do A-Z alone. To reduce the stress and work load, you need to reach out to a professional planner to help complete your project. After you hire your planner it is better you leave the job for your planner and trust your planner to give you an excellent job. Relax your mind and enjoy your party.

My last point is, get enough REST AND SLEEP…

You can’t work the whole 24 hours in a day. I advice you give your body, mind some rest to enable them function effectively…

You need to understand this. I know you might feel you have unlimited time, this is why you need to start your planning before time so you have enough time left for rest. Getting sleep and rest is an integral part of relaxing your mind from all worries.

Understand that your success is your top most priority. lack of sleep and rest can reduce your ability to concentrate. I advice you get enough sleep and rest needed. When you have enough of this be sure that it will boost your concentration as well as keep you relaxed.

So from today pull back from working under stress, watch out for warning signs that will help you avoid working under duress.



Author: twceventdotservices

Twc events services is a full service event advisory and planning company. We position ourselves as a resource to individuals and families to create memorable experiences, through flawless execution of the planning processes.. Here we give events nuggets and wedding tips.

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