Have you ever fantasized about setting up your event planning business? Trust me i did too. usually you have those moments when you just know that what you are currently doing is not what you have passion for.

Eventually, a lot of people day dream from their home or office about how to start an event planning company. Not to worry i have steps put out for you to follow, lessons you must learn and planning that must be done in order to make your new business idea a reality.

“Here are ten steps list on how to start your own event planning company”

First step, have knowledge about event planning company.

Having a pre-knowledge helps you succeed in this business. Though you cannot know it all since we learn everyday but you should have a great knowledge about event planning before venturing into it.

Event planning actually breaks into two questions. What kind of event are we talking about? what is event planning? First thing first. If you must know, event occurs for different reasons

  • Celebrations ( weddings, engagement, birthdays and anniversaries etc )
  • Promotions ( political rallies, fashion shows, product launches etc)
  • Commemorations ( memorials)
  • Education ( graduations conferences and meetings etc)
  • Corporate ( GM & AGMs)

This is not a comprehensive list but they are examples…

Lets look at other questions. What is event planning? Event planners usually take care of these: conduct research, finding a site, arranging any necessary accommodation, conducting activities of event, supervising at the site, conduct evaluation of the event, arrange for vendor, creating an event design. Having a knowledge of this will help you focus on what you want to do.

Secondly, identify whether you have the skills to be an event planner.

To be a successful planner, you must be creative enough to be able to think outside the box. You should be spontaneous, outgoing and social. Sometimes a lot of people get this all mixed up, maybe they are only good at handling a small engagement or don’t really get along with deep thinking or see it as too tasking. It is advisable you pick another career. Nevertheless if you are a deep and creative thinker, working people is fun, meeting with clients inspire you then having your own event planning company is just good for you.

My third tip, Get certified.

Having a professional qualification makes your client see that you are reliable enough and trust worthy. Majority of people prefer to put their money in the bank because they know the bank is a certified institution instead of trusting their money with some individuals who save money for people. Likewise no one will will want to trust their event under your care when they know you do  not have some formal certification which solidifies your experience. For more information on this, please contact us.

My fourth tip, decide on your target market.

It is important that before you start your event planning company, you must first identify the group of people you want to render your services to. Earlier on I talked about different kinds of event planning. Do you wish to just start of as a wedding planner? or focus on all the events? It is very okay to ficus on one area and latter expand to others. This will help you prepare a solid ground within your niche before you expand.

The fifth tip, have a brand identity and company logo.

Now that you are already on a head start since you have a registered business name. Next step is to design a logo for your business. Make sure your logo carries the service you render and your identity for example, it may be centered on wedding if that is your focus area.

My sixth tip, build a website and social media account.

To be more relevant and competitive as an event planner, setting a website is just good. It makes you showcase the service you render as people get to see your work and that shows that you are a professional. Don’t worry about the cost of setting up a website, it is easy and affordable.

My seventh tip, set up an account for your business.

It is important not to mix this up. A lot of people make that mistake of using their personal account to run their business. This can’t help you grow. When you have a business account it will be easy to obtain loans from any bank of your choice that matches your needs.

My eighth tip, get your fee structure and pricing right.

It is good to do a research first on what your competitors charge as their fee for each event. Nevertheless, you are supposed to know the important details of what an event project cost. You may want to consider  a fee based on the total event budget.

My ninth tip is marketing your business online.

This is aimed at securing clients for your business. There are different ways to promote your company, just some of them. know that consistency is key, so choose the method that you think you will spend time on each day while working. Here are options for you to venture in. social media, business cards, in-personal networking, blogging, email marketing, facebook groups and forum participation.

       “For a starter you may want to pick one or two for now. as you begin to expand others can come in”

My final tip, officially start your company

When you have successfully put in place all the necessary element, you can go ahead and launch your business. Don’t forget to inform people, friends and families that you have officially commenced. Try and give in your best shot because you can get new jobs through a satisfied client.

          And most importantly networking is a most important tool to promote your client base………


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